Bedwetting Diapers Are a Solution For Adult Incontinence

In the United States, almost 20 million people are diagnosed with incontinence and there are many companies that offer relief with adult bedwetting diapers. It may surprise you to know that many people, who suffer with this affliction, do so quietly, as they find it both discomforting and embarrassing to discuss the condition with others.Although incontinence can be brought about by various different causes, including overflow incontinence, urge incontinence, stress incontinence or even overactive bladder, the condition can, at least initially, be dealt with by using incontinence products. These are available in either cloth or disposable adult diapers.If you have been utilizing these products while recovering from surgery of after an injury, and have not yet spoken to your doctor about your incontinence condition, you are well advised to seek your doctor’s immediate help so that you will be informed of the many options in your situation.The options for treatment of incontinence vary quite widely from surgical procedures to medications to the use of absorbent pads or adult diapers. If your doctor and you decide that the course of action to follow is to use absorbent pads or adult diapers, then you will want to seek out the types available on the market.In the area of disposable products, it is possible to use liners or pads for moderate or light leaks. They can be used with regular underwear that is close fitting so that they will be easily held in place. In some of these products an adhesive backing allows them added protection from moving during times of heavier activity such as during the playing of a sport or during physical exercise. Pads and liners of this kind could absorb as much as 1/5 of an ounce of fluid.For greater leaks (moderate to medium), underwear is available with a pocket for the insertion of a thicker more absorbent disposable pad. The pads can be changed out easily with fresh pads, the underwear could be washed and reused as with any other piece of clothing.When dealing with even heavier incontinence, adult diapers should be used together with briefs. These will handle a larger flow of urine as great as 7 ounces. These adult diapers come often with Velcro belts to allow them to be fastened around the waist without being displaced while sleeping at nights. Others have elastic at the waist for a better wear and fit. There is often padding on the sides that are made of cotton or linen fabric to prevent diaper rash from occurring. Some have fragrance added to mask the smell of urine. Adult diapers are made for both men and women and are available in different, shapes, sizes and colors.When dealing with sudden bursts of urine flow the suggested form of protection is the brief. These have elastic at the legs, will fit snugly and come in styles that have fastening methods such as snaps, Velcro and buttons. These disposable adult diapers are produced by most of the regular diaper brands and are available in the same stores that regular baby diapers are sold.Another option in adult diapers is the cloth diapers. These are 100% cotton fabric that allow skin to breathe. The adult cloth diaper comes in two versions; one version that has to be pinned and the other version comes in a pull-up style. Whichever style is worn, the adult cloth diaper will need to be covered with a plastic over pants in order to stop leakage. Both the diapers and the over pants can be washed and reused continuously. This process helps the environment because if 20 million people suffer from incontinence in the US, that would account for a lot of diapers being disposed annually in the country’s landfills if these adult diapers could not be reused.The choice of bedwetting diapers is, in the end, up to the person suffering from incontinence. The disposable variety is readily accessible and convenient, although ultimately, are more expensive. The adult cloth diaper is reusable and is ultimately much cheaper, but many people do not find them very convenient and will choose the disposable version.