Are You Looking to Cure Adult Acne?

Despite what you may think, acne is not a problem that teenagers alone suffer from. In fact, there are over 250,000 adults in North America who suffer from the affliction. Acne in adults is sometimes called persistent acne, for obvious reasons, but it essentially arises from the same conditions as applies with teenagers.Generally it will be associated with the body’s hormonal change. Hence, for women there will be a monthly breakout associated with their cycle, but it can also occur during menopause and pregnancy. Often birth control pills will help control acne, but with pills containing progestins, the acne may become worse.Women who stop taking birth control medication may find themselves susceptible to acne breakouts and it is also something that may occur for both men and women when they take other medications, such as anti-convulsants or sobriety medications, for instance.Acne does not need to inflict itself upon someone who has suffered from the condition previously. Women in particular can encounter so-called “late onset” acne, often during menopause.Like teenage acne, adult acne can be effectively treated so as to prevent the quite uncomfortable and irritating consequences, including inflamed pimples and nodules, which is most common with women.Usually adult acne will occur on the lower face, including the chin, jaw and around the mouth, although pimples or lesions may well occur on the chest and back.Often the medications that are prescribed for teenage acne sufferers can irritate the skin and make the condition worse among adult acne sufferers.Sometimes adult acne among women can be a sign of other issues, such as polycystic ovaries, which is when cysts develop in the ovaries or it might be an adrenal gland disorder. There may be other issues too which require professional medical advice.Genetics plays another part in the cause of adult acne and so it is important to know whether the adult has a family history and this will very often be the case.Stress can have a significant affect on adult acne. Stress can cause the body to create more hormones called androgens, which create more oil from oil glands and hair follicles, causing acne to develop when the hormones are stimulated.A further cause of adult acne are products in everyday use that the sufferer may be allergic to, such as skin and hair products. Often products that are labeled as ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘non-acnegenic’ will show that they are less likely to cause adult acne.Often adult acne sufferers use benzoyl peroxide to rid themselves of the condition, which is used successfully in both teenage and adult acne situations. It is important to remember is to clean the skin, which may seem obvious but with acne it is very important that good cleansing of the skin is vital to prevent and help cure acne. Gentle face washing twice a day and body washing too is better than constant washing. If you check this source you will find some keys that will truly unlock the cure to acne once and for all.This will help prevent the onset of acne and reduce its occurrence among those who current suffer from the condition.